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If you are a non-exempt employee, you must have approval from
your manager in advance of working more than your regular full-time
schedule, or any change in your regularly scheduled hours and days 
if you are a part time employee.  Further, if you perform any work 
outside your normal location (office or mall), including travel time 
if on company business, and/or work hours that take you into overtime, 
then it is your responsibility to report all of that time worked so 
you are accurately paid for it.

You are not allowed to work “off the clock,” so please record and 
report your work time accurately. While our policy requires that you 
obtain advance approval to work overtime, should an exceptional 
circumstance prevent you from obtaining that advance approval, and 
you incur overtime, you will be paid for that overtime worked in 
accordance with federal and state laws, specific to your location.  
If you have any questions on policy, please contact your manager or 
Human Resources; if you have a question on time clock adjusting entries
timesheet adjustments after the payroll period has closed, please contact 

By clicking the “Sign in” button, you acknowledge that you have read 
and agree to comply with these time worked and time recording policies.
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